Kitchen Witchery

Yes, I did say kitchen witchery.  I am a practicing Witch.  No I am not a Wiccan, or do not follow the Wicca Religion.  I am a Pagan.  I am constantly doing research, and I came across something that I’ve since used to help people put things into perspective, at The Goth Witch:

Witchcraft is NOT a religion … it is a CRAFT, the actual practice of what a Witch does. BUT A Witch’s religion is NOT Wicca, a Witch is a Pagan who practices Witchcraft, a Wicca is a Pagan who practices witchcraft.  A Witch may be a Wicca BUT, and this is the important part, NOT ALL WITCH’S ARE WICCAN! The religion comes from who you are, not what you do.  Christians practice Christianity, Witches practice Witchcraft.

I am a Pagan, and the reason I am a Pagan Witch and not a Wiccan Witch, is because there is not 1 path that I must follow, just because someone told me to.  There are many, just as there are many paths for Christians or Muslims.

Do I cast spells? People ask me this a lot, sometimes I do, but not in the Harry Potter sense.  I can’t repair your glasses with my magic wand, but I can use a spell to build my self-confidence, or change my will.  I do perform spell magic, but only for myself, or for someone who has asked and understands how a spell works.

This part of my blog will spotlight my faith, and practices.  You are more than welcome to comment, become a guest blogger, or to have your own opinion.  All I ask is that you remember we are all entitled to the freedom to find our own paths in life.  This is my journey, this is my path, these are my views. If you don’t agree, I ask you to be fair, and courteous of others; and keep your mean-spirited comments to yourself.

By Jane Aspen


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