Milagros Mexican Kitchen

Brattleboro has a great dinning scene downtown, but now it has an amazing scene.  The people who brought Brattleboro great Italian food via Fireworks, have opened Milagros Mexican Kitchen a few doors down on Main Street.

The result? An amazing and inventive taste of the Southwest in downtown Brattleboro.  This afternoon my teenage daughter invited me out to lunch at her favorite new restaurant, and since she was paying how could I resist.

I was almost overwhelmed by the options on the menu, but the front staff was amazing, and answered any questions I had.  So I ordered a Carne Asada Mission-Style Burrito, (grilled steak with green onion, avocado crema & cojita cheese with refried beans, rice, & lettuce.  It was huge, and mouth watering, and I ate it all! ’cause I’m a pig like that.  Of course I couldn’t eat dinner this evening because I was still full from lunch.

My daughter ordered a Grilled Garlic Shrimp Mission-Style Burrito, it comes with cabbage, avocado & chipotle crema; she ordered it without the cabbage, and had black beans, rice, cheese, and lettuce.  She only ate half of it, but ate the rest for dinner.

We sat at the front window counter and were lucky enough to be able to see into the kitchen and watch the cook staff preparing our amazing dishes.  The infectious attitude of the cook staff rolls out to the front staff and the customers; we had a great time listening to the music, watching the cook staff sing and dance.  We were waiting for the entire staff to jump over the counter and start a chorus line, unfortunately they didn’t but we had a great time watching the cook staff.

I can’t say enough about this restaurant, Brattleboro’s dinning experience just got 100% better in the downtown area and we’ll be stopping by many more times to eat in and take out.

Next we need to try Hazel, another new restaurant in town, which is co-owned by @TomBodett; I wonder if they leave the light on for you?


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