Dental Visits

My children had a hard time when we moved from the big city back to rural living; one of those things was their dentist. Funny and cute in a way, because they were use to large brand new sparkling TV filled exam rooms; and I took them to my old dentist who has a 1970 pre-fab office, some headphones and a radio walkman that he sometimes remembers to give his patients; but still I enjoyed going back to something that really hadn’t changed in 25 years.

The kids were not so thrilled.

So here I sit in the new “big city” dentist office, where I can watch HGTV ( #lovehgtv ), and my children watch a TV attached to the dental chair while they are waiting to have procedures done.

My son had his impacted wisdom teeth removed in the oral surgery suite onsite, and I’ve never laughed so much on the ride home as he kept asking, “is this my lip or the gauze?” That’s your tongue. “Ohhhhh, is this my tongue?” No those are you teeth. It was comical.

Today my youngest is getting her teeth cleaned, so I took the afternoon off, but really I just wanted to sit and watch HGTV for 30 minutes.

OK, to be fair we all seem to like the new Aspen Dental in our town, and they appear to always be busy. The staff is great and the onsite dentists and oral surgeons are personable and have made me feel comfortable about my kids dental needs.

Try it you might like it….now back to Love It or List It.

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