Photo by Ken Gallager
Brattleboro, Vermont


I grew up in small town America, in a state that brings to mind cows, maple syrup, and green mountains.  A place I couldn’t wait to escape from and once I had escaped, I spent half my life trying to get back.

Much had changed when I finally brought my children back to my Southeastern Vermont hometown.  Some change was for the better, and some not so much, but, I’m sure a degree of that change came from the sheltering of my small town childhood.

The one thing that hadn’t changed was the feeling of community.  Community had always been important in my small town, where Vermont made, local produce, and products helped to foster that community.

The reason for this blog is to promote that local community; by writing about it my family will get the chance to experience things we might have overlooked while becoming part of that community.  So sit back and enjoy life in a small town with Observations from Southeastern Vermont.

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Cows, Maple Syrup, and small town living

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